The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day: 4 Weeks of Recipes & Meal Plans to Lose Weight - Telamon Press

The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day: 4 Weeks of Recipes & Meal Plans to Lose Weight

By Telamon Press

  • Release Date: 2013-12-30
  • Genre: Regional & Ethnic
Score: 4
From 77 Ratings

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Experience the amazing benefits of the Mediterranean Diet in just one month.

The Mediterranean Diet is certified as one of the healthiest diets by trusted organizations from the American Heart Association to the Mayo Clinic. With a focus on flavorful produce, healthy fats, whole grains, and wholesome natural foods, the Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle change that is so enjoyable it won’t feel like a diet.

The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day will guide you through the first month of a successful Mediterranean Diet, making it easy to improve your heart health, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and create a path to sensible weight loss. With smart guidelines and mouthwatering recipes, The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day will make your transition to the Mediterranean Diet simple and painless.

Designed to help you fit healthy changes into your busy lifestyle, The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day includes:

• More than 100 easy Mediterranean Diet recipes, including Italian-Herbed Lamb Chops, Whole-Grain Mediterranean Pizza, and even Whipped Chocolate Mousse
• 4-Week Mediterranean Diet meal plan to guide you through the diet one day at a time 
• A detailed Mediterranean Diet food list—from whole-grain breads and pastas, to fresh seafood, to healthy fat sources like olives and avocados
• Sample grocery lists, tips for cooking Mediterranean Diet dishes, and essential advice on reading food labels 

The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day is your guide to making lasting changes to your diet that are both positive and delicious.


  • Very Organized and Informational

    By Allenfam14
    I didn't know what a Mediterranean Diet was until I read this book. I see a lot benefits of doing this diet, mainly with the heart. I see it focuses on lean protein and that is what I'm trying to incorporate in my diet. I will have to pass on the lamb though. This book gives four weeks with recipes, meal plan and grocery list. Everything right there in this book. They also give 10 steps for success- which can be used for a lot of different things in life. Also it showed me how to read labels and what to look for in food items I buy. I want to try the Lemon-Basil Shrimp and Banana Nut Muffins!
  • It's alright

    By xMelissaAnne
    Being a vegetarian, you wouldn't be able to eat many things in this cook book. It's okay though for someone who eats meat and wants to eat healthier and lose weight. The book is very informative and the recipes are easy to read.
  • One of the Healthiest & Tastiest Diet Plans Out There

    By Hilary426
    The Mediterranean Diet has a well earned excellent reputation, since it emphasizes eating a wide variety of delicious and nutritious heart healthy foods. You don't feel deprived with the foods you can eat on this plan. This is an excellent cookbook, and I especially liked some of the recipes that creatively used seafood. By eat sensibly and controlling your portions, this book also offers a weight loss plan eating foods that will satisfy and you will enjoy.
  • Great Book!

    By stephag1990
    If you want to get healthy and try a diet where the food still tastes delicious then The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day is the diet for you. The recipes are easy to follow and helps you eat in moderation. I recommend this to everyone to read!
  • Beatifully Composed

    By Daniel Halteh
    The Mediterranean Diet is a masterpiece of a cookbook that delves fully into the tasteful world of Middle Eastern Cuisine. As an American with Middle-Eastern heritage, I can honestly say that this work of art will allow any food-lover, amateur or professional, to fully delve into and appreciate the world of Middle Eastern Cuisine in a manner that is utterly fruitful, and even more so authentic.
  • Easy and Unique Diet

    By Sylvia5252
    The Mediteranean Diet for Every Day, proves to be an extremely good read. The recipes are superb and the meal plans are well balanced. I especially like the idea of eating mostly fruits and vegetables, the promotion of grain and protein intake in this diet is awesome. I am excited about what I have learned from this book and I will use this book as a resource to assist me with healthy lifestyle changes in my quest to loss weight and stay healthy.
  • Smart plan and easy to follow

    By SuzyMars
    Over 100 recipes with a 4 week meal plan and weekly shopping lists. A delicious heart healthy diet supported by numerous studies. I'm in favor of a diet that promotes a glass of red wine with dinner. Try the Tuna Salad with Capers and Olives for lunch!!
  • Brisk and Upbeat

    By SamFW
    Telamon Press’ “The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day: 4 Weeks of Recipes and Meal Plans To Lose Weight and Improve Health” takes a brisk and upbeat approach to its topics. With solid science behind it, the book emphasizes a plan made up of fruits, vegetables, lean fish, whole grains, beans, nuts, olive oil and even wine. Many of the recipes sound delicious; this might just e the starting point for w hole new path.
  • Great book with meals that let you eat real food

    By delisasmith
    The Mediterranean Diet for Every Day is great. With four weeks of recipes and meal plans, how can you go wrong? You will be sure to find many new recipes to aid and boost you in your plan for weight loss the healthy way. The benefits of following this plan include improved heart health and lower obesity rate. Many other possible benefits are outlined in the book. You will also receive tips for every day that have a positive more practical overtone for the everyday person. But, if you just want some really great tasting recipes and easy meal plans without all the “you can’t eat that” mumbo jumbo, then this is the book for you.
  • "Eat at home more often"

    By odonrob
    This book’s strength is the four weeks of planned meals and the recipes that accompany them. There is also a comprehensive shopping list for each week’s meals in case you are itching to embark on a grocery marathon. I enjoyed the tips that were included with each day’s meals. Many are related to diet, such as: “Try serving today’s meals on smaller plates. Using a smaller plate will make the portions appear larger, and you may end up eating less as a result.” Others are for general health, such as: “To encourage restful sleep, stop watching TV and turn off the computer at least one hour before bedtime.” The Mediterranean Diet is all about healthy eating and living, and the book is generous in sprinkling many non-food health tips onto your platter (a small platter, naturally).