A Fighting Chance - Elizabeth Warren

A Fighting Chance

By Elizabeth Warren

  • Release Date: 2014-04-22
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4
From 231 Ratings

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An unlikely political star tells the inspiring story of the two-decade journey that taught her how Washington really works—and really doesn't—in A Fighting Chance

As a child in small-town Oklahoma, Elizabeth Warren yearned to go to college and then become an elementary school teacher—an ambitious goal, given her family's modest means. Early marriage and motherhood seemed to put even that dream out of reach, but fifteen years later she was a distinguished law professor with a deep understanding of why people go bankrupt. Then came the phone call that changed her life: could she come to Washington DC to help advise Congress on rewriting the bankruptcy laws?
Thus began an impolite education into the bare-knuckled, often dysfunctional ways of Washington. She fought for better bankruptcy laws for ten years and lost. She tried to hold the federal government accountable during the financial crisis but became a target of the big banks. She came up with the idea for a new agency designed to protect consumers from predatory bankers and was denied the opportunity to run it. Finally, at age 62, she decided to run for elective office and won the most competitive—and watched—Senate race in the country.
In this passionate, funny, rabble-rousing book, Warren shows why she has chosen to fight tooth and nail for the middle class—and why she has become a hero to all those who believe that America's government can and must do better for working families.


  • Wow

    By PraiseKekffff
    She really delves into her Native American roots and talks about spirit bear’s battle with star spirit and how the sun was made. Wonderful Native American mythology in this book its a 10/10 read for anyone who is into the Native stories.
  • Amazing Book

    By S. A. H
    Great book to read, I couldn't stop reading it, till I met the last page
  • Elizabeth-America's friend

    By Potawatomie
    A unique insight into the background of the United States consumers friend. A very easy read of some complex material in the fight to save the American consumer from the greed of Wall Street and the banks! She rose from a law professor to the Senior Senator from Massachusetts. She is a great friend of the American people and in my view a supreme candidate for higher office in the United States. Let's hope she runs someday!
  • Needs to be our Next President

    By Buzy'sTiger
    Of the people, By the People, and For the People. She represents the best of America.
  • Honest, entertaining, and inspiring!

    By Jenyeji
    I LOVED this book. Elizabeth Warren is a truly amazing woman and this book was very easy to read. I had little to no knowledge about her, but now I feel like I know exactly what she wants to do, and why. She is very passionate about fighting for the lower and middle class families. I honestly do not understand what all these negative reviews are about.... I'm suspecting they're paid lobbyists or hard-core conservative republicans who just cannot be reasoned. This book is a must-read. She made me want to become an educator or a lawyer instead of pursuing a phD in engineering!
  • Run Liz Run

    By lovegolfing
    Great story and an inspiration to anyone who has given up hope in our Democracy! PLEASE RUN LIZ, YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!!!!!!!
  • Amazing person

    By SuzanneLovesFrenchFries
    Inspiring and informative.
  • A Fighting Fat Chance

    By Kickassis
    Should have been called Poor me, but never mind that now I want to turn the US into Greece. Makes Kennedy look desirable by comparison.

    By Masad מַסָּד
  • a must read, common sense approach to the current financial

    By Gin Brilll