Finding Ultra, Revised and Updated Edition - Rich Roll

Finding Ultra, Revised and Updated Edition

By Rich Roll

  • Release Date: 2012-05-22
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
Score: 4.5
From 353 Ratings

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An incredible but true account of achieving one of the most awe-inspiring midlife physical transformations ever

On the night before he was to turn forty, Rich Roll experienced a chilling glimpse of his future. Nearly fifty pounds overweight and unable to climb the stairs without stopping, he could see where his current sedentary life was taking him—and he woke up.

Plunging into a new routine that prioritized a plant-based lifestyle and daily training, Rich morphed—in a matter of mere months—from out of shape, mid-life couch potato to endurance machine. Finding Ultra recounts Rich’s remarkable journey to the starting line of the elite Ultraman competition, which pits the world’s fittest humans in a 320-mile ordeal of swimming, biking, and running. And following that test, Rich conquered an even greater one: the EPIC5—five Ironman-distance triathlons, each on a different Hawaiian island, all completed in less than a week.

In the years since Finding Ultra was published, Rich has become one of the world’s most recognized advocates of plant-based living. In this newly revised and updated edition, he shares the practices, tools, and techniques he uses for optimal performance, longevity, and wellness, including diet and nutrition protocols. Rich reflects on the steps he took to shift his mindset and leverage deep reservoirs of untapped potential to achieve success beyond his wildest imagination, urging each of us to embark on our own journey of self-discovery.


  • A favorite

    By Infidel45
    This book will be kept close to my chest as a man in my 40’s who felt discouraged and afraid. This book brought me hope and encouragement that I too can accomplish any feat at this point in my life. Thank you Rich!
  • Powerful Just in Time message

    By Drsaver
    I loved this story. I can relate to Rich on so many levels! As a fellow 1966 baby, I am blown away by how you was able to crush his middle agedom! Will I ever go to the lengths he did physically—no— but that’s not my jam. His story created a space in me to push my commitments fort zone! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see this window of his life Highly recommend!!
  • Roll Dog

    By Kvnftune
    A truly inspiring journey of a once broken spirit, able to conquer his demons and take charge of his life. A great read to ignite the healthy spark in your life.
  • A must read!

    By Faithh1
    Rich Roll is a truly inspiring man. Loved this book about his journey. He has inspired me to listen to my convictions and contemplate the vegan lifestyle. His story has motivated me to get up, lose my excess pounds, and truly push myself to achieve great things. Ultra marathons are likely not in my future, but Rich has inspired me to achieve my own goals. Thank you for being you, Rich; the very best You!
  • Brilliant

    By Sara Orella
    I am very moved by Rich Roll's story and choices to become the best he can be for others. He advertises products to help and guide others for a better mind, body and spirit. I see his "advertisements" as a blessing because it saves me "time" that he probably spent researching and experimenting on the benefits of a plant based diet. This book is about the struggles and choices of one man to rediscover his true God given potential, learn to forgive the past and not let his past anchor his future, relearn the meaning of love and self love and finally, to bravely step to HOPE.
  • Inspiring

    By Nessa3605
    This is the most inspiring book I've ever been privileged to read. Anything is possible.
  • Inspiring Triumph of the Mind and Body

    By nunu310
    "Finding Ultra" is a great easy read that will make you want to stop from taking that third helping of fried chicken and gravy mashed potatoes and get out there and find your active spirit. This book is for anyone who has competed at any level of sports and may feel he/she has lost that fighting edge. There is still hope for us parents who have gotten a little round in the belly, but want to renourish that desire to be active, push our physical and mental selves, and find our own Ultra.
  • He definitely found Ultra!

    By Michael J. Castanaro
    Rich's story is awe-inspiring to say the least. Such a great read and I actually made a decision to go plant-based after further external research. The people that say "it's an advertisement or infomercial" are silly. Rich promotes the products he uses.... He's an ultra athlete and he has to have a lot of gear and what not. Vitamix? Yeah it's a great blender so he lets you know he uses it. Listen to the joe rogan podcast? Lots of advertising... Bet you still listen to that. Ignore the nay sayers, this book is excellent.
  • Inspiration

    By Max800000
    Rich you gave me a lot of inspiration with your book!keep being this example for all of us! I hope to meet you some day, why not during an ultraman. Take care
  • Cannot Recommend.

    By Signetmac
    What should have been an amazing, inspirational story of personal transformation is so sadly cheapened by jarring commercial plugs for the author's line of health products that the book was ruined for me. How disappointing to see someone work so hard to turn his life around, only to devote it to carney-like shilling of expensive, new age, miracle tonics. Save your money, and buy a book from an author who isn't so desperate to profit off of his 15-minutes of fame that he drags you down with his credibility.