The End of Normal - Stephanie Madoff Mack

The End of Normal

By Stephanie Madoff Mack

  • Release Date: 2011-10-20
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 1,723 Ratings

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A New York Times bestseller, the explosive and heartbreaking memoir from the widow of Mark Madoff and the daughter-in-law of Bernard Madoff

When the news of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme broke, no one was more shocked than the members of his own family. Before then, Madoff’s son, Mark, and daughter- in-law, Stephanie, had built an idyllic life. Yet, while Mark’s thriving business was entirely separate from his father’s now notorious fund, he and Stephanie found themselves in the eye of the storm—and grappling with their own sense of betrayal. Mark refused to see or speak to his parents, and on the second anniversary of his father’s arrest, he hanged himself.

Left to raise her children as a single mother, Stephanie tells the real story of her marriage to Mark, of being a part of the Madoff family, and of life for two years following her father-in-law’s arrest and incarceration. The End of Normal is a searing inside look at one of the most controversial stories of our time, and an extraordinary memoir of surviving personal tragedy amid public scandal.


  • Very well written

    By Hjtilton
    Definitely recommend. Well written story with a lot of insight into what really happened.
  • Read it for what it’s worth…a glossy piece of bull$hit

    By rosellamarie
    I’m sure she rushed to have her version of events published less than 9 months after her husband’s suicide in order to beat the rest of the Madoff family to the punch with the actual story. Yes, read it so that you can get one victim’s unsubstantiated, one-sided account of events that lead to her husband’s suicide. Although my heart goes out to Mark Madoff’s children since they are the only true victims, I found that Ms. Mack seems to have run out of fingers to point at all the evil people who are responsible for her husband’s suicide. Her narcissistic story, riddled with her holier-than-thou virtrues, fails to have her look in the mirror at the sole person who could have saved her husband. Her numerous written accounts of his glaring signs that he was obviously suffering from a major depressive disorder and needed medical attention were seen by her that she was being ignored. A good quick read but this book leaves you with more questions giving it’s glaring holes such as: who leaves someone who attempted suicide in the past alone with an infant? who turns off their phone after screaming at a person who has had suicidal tendencies? Why did both of his suicide attempts immediately follow an arguement with his wife? All of these lead me to believe that, again, this is one person’s attempt to point the finger at someone else before they point it at the true catalyst in Mark Madoff’s demise…I realize that he’s the one that actually pulled the proverbial trigger but she has to take responsibilty for being the one who put proverbial gun in his hand then pretty much said, “Shoot”.
  • Kept me intrigued

    By Daisydewdrop
    I liked this book and it really kept me intrigued until the end. I do hope there will be more about Stephanie Madoff and her life as it continues. I hope she keeps us updated. I do feel that she tried to be honest in her assessment of the Madoff crises and her and her husbands unfortunate and sad entanglement in it. I do hope she finds forgiveness in her heart for those who hurt her. It will help her heal.
  • A heartbreaking look at the damage Madoff wrought on his family...

    By troyjjensen
    I was extremely interested in reading about the damage Madoff wrought on his own family. What I ended up with is one of the most courageous, heartbreaking, extraordinary books I've read in some time. Some reviewers have obvious bias against anyone with the last name Madoff, but pay those reviews no kind. Life is far more complex than that. Obviously, his son Mark paid the ultimate price for Madoff's wrongdoings...beautifully written and very insightful, highly recommended.
  • The End of Normal

    By Nickojones
    Loved the book. I could feel Stephanie's pain. Did not want the book to end. Loved the pictures at the end. Sweet family.
  • Interesting

    By gdelac28
    Good Read! You can feel her pain. More than anything a brave woman.
  • The end of normal

    By One mother to another
    I am one of those people that don't take crimes of money wealth and power serious because I grew up from very young with the thought that money is the root to all evil however this book has not only changed my mindset but has also softened my heart.As a mother to 4 children 2 which were babies when their father was sent to prison although not the same as death to me at that time and going through those years alone without him felt like a death sentence.My heart aches for all the loss this family has seen and will see.May God bless you and watch over you.I found this book at the right time and I would only hope that your story will help others heal and all your suffering isn't ever taken in vein.
  • So well done.

    By Shalisamo
    I did not know what to expect when I started this book. And I never expected what I got. This book reveals feelings, emotions, and situations that are warm, dark, endearing, unfathomable, and torturing yet it inspires the reader as it teaches love, pain, commitment, and endurance. So well written, it is as if we are sitting on the couch talking, as you recount your past experiences. With all of the pain and heartbreak, I thank you for sharing your truths. I love this book. I was sad when I finished it as I feel like we are quiet friends. I wish you calm waters ahead.
  • The end of normal

    By 709mile
    Terrible Book. Very self centered people and family. I wasted my money on this and ended up contributing money to their selfish lifestyle.
  • Good read, but...

    By Cndnks
    I find it difficult to sympathize with the author. She is childish and immature and doesn't grasp the suffering of others.