Wired to Hear - Shawn Bolz & Bob Hasson

Wired to Hear

By Shawn Bolz & Bob Hasson

  • Release Date: 2021-04-01
  • Genre: Christianity

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"Marketplace leaders are going to be the forerunners in the next great move of God."
Shawn Bolz

In 2018, God gave me an impression that marketplace people are going to be the focus of the next move of God that will bring millions into the Kingdom.

He is going to use believers in the marketplace as the front-liners to culture. That means the stakes are really high and the war is very great, so we can't go after this in our own strength, wisdom, or power. We must build with spiritual tools so we can bear natural fruit that has spiritual implications over lives.

God has hardwired you to partner with Him and to hear Him in all areas of your life. Hearing God is not just an esoteric or philosophical experience reserved for a church service. Instead, His voice should create faith that can change the metrics of industries, shift the bottom line for the poor, and cause leaders and influencers to wonder about who it is you serve. Your partnership with God should bring solutions for industries that have given up hope of changing or evolving. It should cause big industries to see huge shifts towards a better future.

Bob Hasson and Shawn Bolz have come together to help infuse you with hope, truth, and perspective about your God-given role in the marketplace. Whether you own or manage a business, have spent decades in your career, or are simply trying to find value in the work that you do, this book is for you.

As you walk this journey with us, you'll have an opportunity to build spiritually driven goals for both your own career as well as the industry you are called to. Throughout the book, we explore real-life examples of what it looks like to hear God and follow His leading within marketplace roles. We also discuss where our understanding of God, Church, and the marketplace has been immature or broken. The goal is that you are empowered to do it differently, getting a greater result in your relationship to God's voice impacting the way you partner to your career.