Finding Spring - B. E. Baker

Finding Spring

By B. E. Baker

  • Release Date: 2019-03-07
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 12 Ratings

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Life gave her lemons, so Trudy chucked them back.

Trudy's life is a wreck. No job, a sick son, and a thick stack of unpaid medical bills. 

Her family and friends keep trying to set her up. (As if a man will solve all her problems!) Trudy shuts them all down, because she's got a foolproof plan this time around. She won't go out for so much as a latte until she graduates, finds steady work, and pays off all her debt. 

After weeks of looking, she finally lands a paying job. It's only an interim assistant position, but it comes with medical insurance. Everything is going exactly according to plan. 

Until she discovers someone is stealing from her new boss. Trudy reluctantly agrees to help him catch the thief—after all, if the business fails, she's out of work—but it grows harder and harder to ignore one tiny detail. Her boss is hotter than a summer day in Atlanta, and he's flirting with her. 

But she will not be distracted from what really matters, not this time. She already learned her lesson the hard way—he isn't Mr. Right if you meet him at the wrong time. Can she stay the course? Or will she find that sometimes the best things in life aren't on the checklist?


  • Best book in the series so far!

    By mjgxsxh
    *This book was provided to me for an honest review* This is the best book in the series so far! The storyline is unique compared to many romance novels. There is some mystery and espionage which keep things interesting and unpredictable. I couldn’t wait for the characters to figure out who was who! Compared to the previous books in the series, this couple and their relationship seemed very realistic and not at all rushed. The only complaint I can think of is that I wish we got to know Paul’s background and personality more; it was definitely primarily focused on Trudy. I listened to this book and the narrators did amazing! They were fitting. This is a clean romance - no steamy scenes.
  • When her Spring comes, will she take it?

    By writers pencil
    Trudy’s life has not gone as intended. Abandoned by her husband, left with an incomplete college degree and no job, she has no choice but to move into her sister’s house with her young son while she tries to get back on her feet. But she’s not going to stay dependent. The list on her fridge reminds her daily of her goals, and one of those goals is NOT falling in love until she has her life back on track. Besides, after what she’s been through, her heart is as dead as the withered daisies little Troy keeps uselessly watering. Finally, something in her life goes right and she lands a job. If she can show her skill, she might even be able to work up from boss’ assistant to the IT position she dreams of. Unfortunately…or maybe fortunately…the boss is very attractive. And they get along way too well. And when Trudy stumbles on a plot against the company she finds herself working closely with Mr. Campbell to save his invention from being stolen. Can she keep her eyes on her long-term goal, or will she be sidetracked? And what will happen when they both find out who the other person really is? It was so fun to watch Paul and Trudy, while staunchly refusing to meet each other, begin to fall for each other under their assumed names. I loved how Trudy was tough enough to stand on her own feet and fight for her place in the world, while also being a loving mom and learning to open her heart to others. She also loves her child more than any happiness or money she could get from a boyfriend or fancy job. She finds the importance of knowing who she is and preserving that, while gradually letting someone in. And Paul had the same mix of determination and openness…he poured his heart and soul into his business, but when he realized that his motives weren’t exactly right, he was humble enough to give it all up and reconcile with others. Finally, props to the sweetest proposal ever! Quite possibly better than Mr. Darcy’s…both his first and second ones. ;)