Surprise, Baby! - Lex Martin

Surprise, Baby!

By Lex Martin

  • Release Date: 2019-03-12
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4.5
From 185 Ratings

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There’s a fine line between lust and hate.

Drew Merritt makes me want to punch him in the throat—and run my hands through his messy, sexy hair. We bring out the worst in each other—until that one weekend, the one I swore to forget. 

Except the little surprise he accidentally left behind means I’ll never be able to forget him. Even if I want to.



    By Dancerchic122
    When I first read AATD which is where we first meet Drew Merritt, I did not like him at all. He was crude & a Jerk. I’ve been waiting for Drew’s story for a while & it was sooo good! I kept an open mind hoping he would be redeemed. Well turns out I fell for him 😂! Turns out he has a soft spot after all! Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam write so incredibly well together! They never fail to make me laugh, giggle & of course snicker! I love their humor! This book gives you all the feels! If you love enemies to lovers/Rom Coms/Surprise Pregnancy, then one click this book today!
  • Hot and Sweet

    By Blonde Duck
    This is my first time offering a review. A sweet, captivating, hot, and steamy love story. The characters find themselves in some funny situations. Have read many iBooks with spelling and grammatical errors that ruin the book. This author does it right. The storyline flows well and first few chapters are slow but are needed to build background. Then bang off to the snow covered cabin where they try to melt the snow in 3 days. In front of fireplace, against the wall and in the tub to mention a few.
  • Another Goodie!

    By MaraRW
    I love Lex’s writing and she has done it again. This has a bit of all the feels in it and you won’t be disappointed! Can’t wait for the next book she puts out.
  • Surprise baby!!!

    By Gvbhcm
    What a great book!!!! This book was so funny just wanted to keep on reading it. Can’t wait for the next one!!!!!
  • Drew 2.0 skirts around all my defenses like a freaking ninja.

    By SamanthaJo92
    “So you get under her skin?” I nod. “And she gets under yours?” I nod again. “And you like it,” she says with a little snicker. I sit back and drink my tea. “Much to my surprise.” Surprise, Baby! Is an enemy to lovers book that will have you smiling down at your book/ereader! I don't know how many times while I was reading this that I would burst out laughing just to get a strange look from my boyfriend on the other end of the couch. Kendall and Drew are ridiculously funny, sweet, and constantly on each other's nerves (but in a good way 😉). You can't help but feel for Kendall who has been more than frustrated with her love life only to be sent into the next phase of life at the speed of light. And Drew. Oh, man. Where do I start!? If you read All About the D you know Drew had some serious character flaws, but he's worked hard to atone for them. Plus, he loves his grandma. *cue chorus of "awwww"* Lex Martin never disappoints and I am still so impressed with her and Leslie McAdam's ability to cowrite two great novels! This one was actually my favorite of the two (Sorry, Josh and Evie!) but both are not a read you'll regret. *** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. ***
  • You NEED this book!!

    By KatyCuth
    I freakin’ LOVE Drew!! I love Kendall! I love Shazam!! I love Bee!! I love everything about this book! Leslie & Lex have done it again!! This book is not to be missed!! Have I mentioned that I love it?!?!
  • 4stars

    By Evieo17
    Oh this book had me laughing and falling in love with Drew. Yes he does come off as an over grown frat boy but he’s also sweet and just plain yummy. I’m glad he got Kendall to thaw a little because she was majorly up tight. They totally balanced each other out.
  • Loved Drew and Kendall!

    By Shelly062498
    Absolutely loved this book! Enemies to Lovers has always been one of my favorite tropes to read. They have that all consuming fiery passion that explodes on the pages and let me just say, Drew did not disappoint in that department 😉 I loved seeing how Drew was able to turn his life around and leave the “party boy” behind and try to make a new image for himself. Underneath all those layers, he really is the sweetest and can make you swoon! **As I glance at KK steering her car, a pang of tenderness hits me, and I reach out and trace her jaw. She smiles against my palm, her eyes still on the road. I don’t care if I’m being sappy. She’s precious cargo, and she’s carrying precious cargo. It’s my job to make sure she’s safe and comfortable. Kendall really is the perfect person for him. She compliments him in all the right ways. She’s not after his money or his image, she just likes Drew 2.0 for himself. She’s seen what’s under all those layers and knows his heart. Truly a beautiful story and loved every minute of it.
  • Get ready to Laugh out loud and fall in love!

    By KCBlueHorse
    This enemies to lovers romance was the perfect mix of hilarious banter, scandalously hot scenes and heart aching moments of vulnerability from both main characters. To say that Drew and Kendall started off on the wrong foot is an understatement - with Drew making an absolute drunken fool of himself in front of Kendall at their best friends wedding, solidly putting Drew in the vulgar, drunk, party boy category. And for the next two years, he does little to move himself out of this category, constantly proving he is not to be trusted. So the last thing Kendall ever expects to happen is for her to fall for the man she despises, finding out you can’t let past mistakes destroy what could be your happily ever after. I love a good tale of redemption- who doesn’t want to see someone get their act together and turn their life around. With Drew, I never got an overwhelming sense of his playboy ways in this book just stories of his past trysts - he really redeems himself pretty quickly for me after the opening scene. With every turn of the page I was falling more in love with him, he was making my heart melt with how sweet he was with Kendall and how hard he was working to keep his new life on track. I mean you know a guy is special when at 30 years old he uses the Ninja Turtles wallet his Grandma buys him for Christmas! And Kendall, I absolutely loved her character, she was a hardworking, no-nonsense woman that wasn’t going to let a man ruin her business or her reputation. Yet she had moments of vulnerability that everyone has making her relatable with her insecurities and tendencies to bring up past wrongs. The time Drew and Kendall spend trapped in the cabin were some of my favorite scenes, not only were they hilarious but also smoking hot and sexy. The banter had plenty of ball busting from Kendall and funny nicknames and random acts crazy from Drew- leading to some true laugh out loud moments for me. When the “surprise” part of the storyline happens - it adds vulnerability aspects for both characters and also additional moments of hilarity. I would highly recommend this book- 5 stars for me!
  • Loved it!!!

    By Clydes N Mustangs
    This book was funny, sexy, swoon worthy, and made you want to punch the hero all in one. The banter between the main couple is hilarious and I loved the chemistry between them. There really is a fine line between love/lust and hate...and this book nailed it! Absolutely loved it! Drew and Kendall’s story gives you a fun and amazing won’t want to put it down!