Unlimited Memory - Jack Oliver

Unlimited Memory

By Jack Oliver

  • Release Date: 2017-04-25
  • Genre: Education

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You need to be patient, to go the way of healing with maximum efficiency.

This book is meant for many and can serve as a great revelation for someone passing through difficult times. It has questions that seek to find answers for people that are always worried about humanity but are ready to make the right decision.

Often with age, without much joy, we notice that it becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate, understand and remember. The reaction slows down, and mental images are no longer as bright as when you are a child. There comes a sad thought, "I'm getting old..." Really nothing can change?

You Can!
An organ of our body may no longer be active and work correctly if there is no load. The monotonous work, lack of new faces, impressions and sensations, stress and emotions lead to the fact that the brain could just be turned off. The less we give it the opportunities for development, the faster it loses its efficiency. However, it is a reversible process, and it can be returned to its full functionality, sharpness and clarity as much as possible. Your brain needs exercise!