The LSAT Trainer - Mike Kim

The LSAT Trainer

By Mike Kim

  • Release Date: 2017-08-07
  • Genre: Study Aids
Score: 4
From 10 Ratings

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Newly available as an eBook!

The LSAT Trainer is an LSAT prep book specifically designed for self-motivated self-study students who are seeking significant score improvement on the Law School Admission Test.  It is simple, smart, and remarkably effective.

The LSAT Trainer includes:
• over 200 official LSAT questions and real-time solutions
• simple and battle-tested strategies for every type of Logical Reasoning question, Reading Comprehension question, and Logic Game
• over 30 original and unique drills designed to help develop LSAT-specific skills and habits
• access to a variety of free study schedules, notebook organizers, and much more.

This book will help you get better at...
• breaking apart Logical Reasoning arguments
• recognizing reasoning structure
• articulating what's wrong with the author's thought process
• eliminating wrong answers
• recognizing the structures of Reading Comprehension passages
• separating out key opinions
• knowing which details are important, and which ones are not
• seeing how everything else relates
• using the question stem to understand task
• visualizing Logic Games
• understanding and notating rules
• juggling conditional constraints
• bringing rules together and making inferences
• handling questions quickly
• utilizing effective timing strategies
• knowing exactly what to expect on test day
• and much, much more

Please note that this ebook is a fixed layout replica of the paperback version. As such, it does lack the relevant full functionality of a standard eBook. For example, you will not be able to change the layout, font, or font size. However, you will still be able to utilize many of the other benefits of Apple iBooks, including the ability to zoom in and out, bookmark key pages, and have text converted into audio.


  • Great content; bad eBook

    By yezwaj
    The LSAT Trainer is an extraordinary resource for any person aspiring to attend law school. However, I must echo the technical concerns written earlier by Xodimo. This is a very bare-bones eBook, and lacks of table of contents (which is really not OK). You also can’t zoom in to the pages. This is not an eBook in the traditional sense, with all the features.
  • Great book, iBook not so great

    By LSATTrainee
    The book itself is just as the title suggests - a trainer for skills that are useful for approaching each of the question types on the LSAT. Kim is a very intuitive teacher and knows how to break things down to a simple but very useful lesson and then build onto each lesson until you feel comfortable with more and more difficult problems. I refer back to the skills learned through this book many times. It even jives nicely with other LSAT prep courses (e.g., 7Sage) bc it teaches very particular skills that other courses don’t cover in as thorough detail. I thought it would be useful to also buy the iBook so I didn’t have to lug the big text around to the library to study. Unfortunately, the iBook can’t be zoomed in well on my MacBook Pro running OS X. Imagine the entire page of text is vertical on the screen and you can’t zoom in. Much worse resolution than the sample chapters shown on his website here. Oddly, I don’t have this problem with iBooks zooming on my iPhone. But I can only zoom one portion of the text at a time since my iPhone screen is much smaller than my laptop screen. Serious bummer. Still useful to have the notes around but the iBooks feature really only seems useful to glance at particular sections on your iPhone or for printing chapters from the book at home through your laptop. Unless you have weirdly awesome eye sight.
  • Fantastic Book, Horrible Ebook

    By Xodimo
    The LSAT trainer is an amzing book. If you are studying for the LSAT, this is a must have. He outlines skills necessary to be a top scorer. If you are just starting or trying to refine the LSAT trainer will help you. HOWEVER, this ebook is the worse ebook I have ever purchased. It is just a pdf copy of the book. The page does not roate when the device is rotated, there is no table of contents with clicable links. There is no support to eddit the text or make it night mode as with most ebooks. If you want tsomething that is just the pdf of the book. This will work, but dont expect an ebook in the traditional sence with all the functionality of ibooks.
  • The Best of the Best

    By Mrbeany
    I've taken the blueprint course and no doubt it definitely helped me but the lsat trainer is probably the best of the best. The way the book is structured makes it that much more simpler. The teachings are easier to to comprehend as long as you work at it. Mike Kim I thank you kindly.